Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Improve Your Golf Game in Australia?

Yes, indeed!

If you have a few minutes, plan a quick trip to Runaway Bay, Queensland, Australia for the Sports Excellence 2009 conference, May 27 and 28. Too late to get the early bird special, so it'll set you back about $995 per person.

All kidding aside, if you're in that quadrant of the globe it would be a fantastic conference to attend. Your entire game will be improved; from the physical and emotional/mental game, to visualization and reaction training, and not just for golf.

Leading performance anxiety expert, Colin Cromack (Target Oriented Golf), as well as Anthony Kelly (the arrow catcher), international presenter and strength coach, Mark McKean, and Jeffrey Hodges (author of Sports Mind and Champion Thoughts, Champion Feelings) headline the conference.

Great chance to get the upper hand on your competition and visit Australia's Gold Coast, all in one vacation.