Monday, June 20, 2011

Video - Popular Golf and Accommodations in St. Andrews, Scotland

The U.S. Open golf tournament has just finished here in the States, and a great one it was.

It's now time to look to the next Major, the Open Championship. In looking ahead, I visited, a site created by my friend, Andy Brown. Even though this year's open isn't near St. Andrews, any golf trip to the UK wouldn't be complete without a pilgrimage to the Home of Golf.

While looking through the videos on, I came across the Fairmont Hotel video, shot while Andy was there for the Senior Scotish Open back in March. It looks absolutely fantastic. Between Andy's video of the Torrance Course at the hotel, which is near St. Andrews, and the hotel's own website, it is now at the top of my list of "must visits" in Scotland.

Have a look at this short video and visit the sites for more information.