Saturday, October 13, 2007

New England Golf at Mt. Washington Golf Course

New Hampshire is a truly underrated destination for golf travel, but those familiar with this state’s golfing culture will probably point out the grandeur of the Mount Washington Golf Course, a course that first opened its doors way back in 1915 and has kept visitors happy ever since. Located in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, this is one of the most beautiful golf courses in the United States as it rests among a landscape of colossal boulders and incredible flower gardens. Fall golf doesn't get much more breathtaking that in New England and Mt. Washington G.C.

There is also a fun miniature golf course in proximity to the “full sized” golf range so if you are bringing your family along this may prove to be a really fun destination. As such, if you are planning a fall golf excursion to New England this is definitely a spot to consider.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Celebrity Golf in Lake Tahoe

If you are a sports fan then have probably seen Chris Chandler perform at his bets of the gridiron and you have probably also seen Charles Barkley dazzle people on the basketball court. But have you ever seen them on the green?

If not, you may wish to consider a golf trip to see the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship that will be held in Lake Tahoe, NV in July of 2008. Sponsored by NBC this is one of the most celebrated celebrity golf tournaments in the United States and Lake Tahoe boasts a number of tourist attractions that the whole family will enjoy. So, if you make one golf vacation in ’08, this is definitely the one!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Glacier National Park Golf Trip

When it comes to states that are best known for golfing, most people think of California and Florida, but one of the most underrated locations for a golfing vacation is Glacier National Park in Montana.

Yes, Montana has gained quite a bit of exposure lately due to the fact that many movie stars have moved there and this has also had the ancillary effect of spotlighting other areas of popularity in the state – golf courses being major attractions. Glacier National Park also has a number of activities for the whole family such as hiking, bird watching, rafting, etc., so a trip to Montana for a golf excursion can be a truly well rounded affair.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Learning Golf on a Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday

Many people will select a vacation based around their common tried and true "likes." There is an alternative to this "commonality" and it involves taking a vacation that centers on something that you may have never done before. Sometimes, there is a great deal of fun found in the "unknown" and learning a new hobby or activity can be quite exhilarating. There is a new rage in vacationing circles known as "learning vacations" and one of the more unique of these is a vacation based on learning golf. Of course, you must also select the best vacation destination first.

There are a number of great destinations where one could learn golf, but very few destinations are as fun as a golf learning vacation in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

In addition to being the number one golf location in the USA, Myrtle Beach is quite simple one of the most beautiful coastal communities on the southern east coast and it is a completely family friendly environment that has something for every one of all ages. Seriously, you can’t go wrong picking Myrtle Beach as your golf learning vacation!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Northern California Kids in the Klinic Charity Golf Event

The best feeling a person can experience is giving to someone in need. When it comes to golf, one of the best ways of doing this is to take part in a charity event. Now, a charitable event not only provides much needed funds to people in need, but also draws public awareness to the plight as well. For disadvantaged kids the need for proper dental care may be difficult due to their financial plight. This is why planning a Northern California vacation to take part in the Kids in the Klinic Golf Tournaments, which are held every year in San Francisco and Sacramento, California, provide a way of funding the dental care for disadvantaged kids who need a little help.

This tournament is a true act of charity and love and anyone who wishes to visit the beautiful world of Northern California can do so in a way that contributes to a good cause. Both San Francisco and Sacramento are wonderful destinations as they are vibrant environments that can cater to any vacationing families particular wants and, in addition to having a fun golf vacation, the Kids in the Klinic tournament will provide the basis for a very rewarding one as well.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Jekyll Island Kid’s Golf Tournament

In the 1980’s, the classic television program YOU ASKED FOR IT aired a unique feature on kid’s golf that still sticks in my mind, 25 years after first seeing it. What was striking about this episode was that it pointed out the fact that there is an unfortunate stereotype that golf is strictly an adult game. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth!

In reality, golf can be greatly enjoyed by kids and it can instill in a child all the benefits and positives that a hobby requiring skill and strategy possesses. Those attributes can carry over into many areas in adulthood.

Probably the best way of bringing out the best in a junior golfer would be entering the youngster in a prestigious golf tournament such as the 2008 U.S. Kid's Golf Jekyll Island Cup, which will be held in February in Jekyll Island, Georgia. Not only is this a prestigious and fun tournament, it is also located in one of the best vacation areas in all of Georgia! Jekyll Island boasts a ton of vacationing attributes, such as being a beautiful resort area that provides a host of beautiful beaches and other activities for the whole family to enjoy when not golfing.

This is a wonderful vacation destination that deserves a closer look.