Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Take the Plunge, Conquer Your Fears (with travel)

Over at the Vagabondish blog, Charlotte Halligan has written an excellent post. The title of her post, Taking the Plunge: How to Conquer Your Fears Through Travel, is self-explanatory, to an extent. But, not to the extent of how far she went to conquer her own fears.

A gorgeous, tropical beach doesn't typically strike fear in the hearts of most of us, but for Halligan, it did. Despite the intrinsic beauty, all she saw was herself wading in the water, then totally consumed by it, gasping for air.

Go now and read her post and you'll see another of the benefits of travel. It's truly amazing.

Wonder if I can convince everyone that I have a very real fear of teeing-off at a golf course in Bali?