Monday, July 30, 2007

Sea Island, Georgia's Fabulous Golf

Sea Island and St. Simon's Island, Georgia was once the playground of the world's richest people. It has been said that at one time, early last century, one-sixth of the world's wealth was centered on those islands. Although it has become disbursed, they have retained the beaty and allure that brought people there in the first place. The golf is just as spectacular.

According to Golf, "recently ranked number one in Golf Digest's Best Golf Resorts in North America, the Sea Island Resort, situated on both Sea Island and St. Simons Island, Georgia boasts three 18-hole golf courses: Seaside, Plantation and Retreat." These courses each provide their own beauty and challenges and there's something for every golfer, including gators.

Yet, the golf is only the beginning. The Sea Island Resort will make you feel as though you are one of thewealthy people from long ago. You can choose as your lodging either The Cloister, The Lodge, The Cottages or Cabin Bluff, each with their own special feel and each fitting different needs.

Follow this link to the resort website and find out for yourselves how beautiful coastal Georgia can be.

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