Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Jekyll Island Kid’s Golf Tournament

In the 1980’s, the classic television program YOU ASKED FOR IT aired a unique feature on kid’s golf that still sticks in my mind, 25 years after first seeing it. What was striking about this episode was that it pointed out the fact that there is an unfortunate stereotype that golf is strictly an adult game. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth!

In reality, golf can be greatly enjoyed by kids and it can instill in a child all the benefits and positives that a hobby requiring skill and strategy possesses. Those attributes can carry over into many areas in adulthood.

Probably the best way of bringing out the best in a junior golfer would be entering the youngster in a prestigious golf tournament such as the 2008 U.S. Kid's Golf Jekyll Island Cup, which will be held in February in Jekyll Island, Georgia. Not only is this a prestigious and fun tournament, it is also located in one of the best vacation areas in all of Georgia! Jekyll Island boasts a ton of vacationing attributes, such as being a beautiful resort area that provides a host of beautiful beaches and other activities for the whole family to enjoy when not golfing.

This is a wonderful vacation destination that deserves a closer look.

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