Friday, November 16, 2007

The Golfing – Surfing Combo

There are a number of popular sportive pursuits that have many avid fans and hobbyist enthusiasts. Both golfing and surfing have their fans, but they do not appear to have crossover appeal. That is, how many people Golf and Surf? Honestly? The number is quite a few. However, what many people do not realize that if you select the proper destination you can create a unique vacation that combines golfing and surfing. While there are a number of destinations that can accommodate probably the best would be Pebble Beach, CA as if has both gorgeous beaches that are perfectly designed for surfing and swimming, but also a host of excellent golf courses for the avid golfer. Now, how can a surfing golfer or a golfing surfer go wrong selecting Pebble Beach as a destination?

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