Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Five-Star Fuselage Suite and Rainforest Golf in Costa Rica

A few days ago I tweeted about the awesome 727 Fuselage Suite at the Hotel Costa Verde near Quepos, Costa Rica, the exterior is shown in the image at right. One of my friends replied with, "Cool, but is there a golf course nearby." I admit, I hadn’t previously looked too closely at Costa Rican golf. I hadn’t even heard of Quepos before running across the 727 Suite on I’m so glad I took a look.

Costa Rica appears to be a tropical paradise and one of the few places, from an avid golfer’s point of view, where the golf would be a mere footnote to any vacation. But, the golf course at the Manuel Antonio Park, which is situated near the Hotel Costa Verde, could provide a unique view into both the rainforest and coastline. Nestled alongside an exotic rainforest with breathtaking ocean views, this 18-hole, par-72 championship course offers not only a challenging Ted Robinson-designed layout, but also a spectacular gallery featuring friendly monkeys and brightly hued macaws. The course’s golf guides can point out all the features, monkeys and all, that each golfer should see. With claims of mesmerizing scenery, wildlife, rainforest, coastline, who could concentrate on golf.

Just so you know, Quepos, or Puerto Quepos, is located near the center of Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast and drapes itself across a tropical inlet surrounded by primary rainforest. High season runs through the drier months of December to April, and particularly during the Festival del Mar, a month long party held each February that features concerts, sporting events, parades and a street carnival with dancers from across the Costa Rica.

The 727 Suite will cost you around $350 per night in the high season, around $300 during off-season. Not a bad price for a luxury hotel suite and luxury hotel. The other suites appear to be exquisitely appointed, as well.

Quite an enticing place. If I ever go, golf will be taking a backseat to the monkeys.

If you're interested planning a Costa Rica vacation, the people at AAA are always the best place to start.

Images courtesy Hotel Costa Verde.

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