Friday, June 22, 2007

A Kids Golf Vacation

A junior golfer on a family vacation often has a tough time. Most resorts and other courses cater to adults and frown on children attempting to play. The David Ledbetter Golf Academies (DLGA) can remedy that problem. In addition to their adult academies, they cater to kids.

Ledbetter Academies are located in several locations across the USA: Bradenton, Champions Gate and Naples, Florida; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Vail, Colorado; and Maui, Hawaii.

Conducive to family vacations, they offer weekly boarding and non-boarding programs, ranging in price from $1,395.00 to $1,630.00 per program. As you can see, your children need to really enjoy the game for the course to be worth the price, but the outcome could pay big dividends.

Another positive aspect to attending any of the DLGA locations is simply that, their location. All are in great vacation spots. Visit

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