Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Suite Golf Travel's 100th Post

There are few places on earth that you can’t find a golf course, which makes it easy to find vacation spots for golfers. Interested in Mongolia? There’s a golf course there for you! (I always like saying "Ulaanbaatar")

This is Suite Golf Travel’s 100th post. Just an arbitrary milestone, I know, but it’s worth noting. I wonder how many blogs never make it to 100?

On this 100th post, I’d like to take the opportunity to state what this blog will do for you. It will:

  • Help you find great golf courses.
  • Give you insider information about great golf courses.
  • Help you find great golf vacation values.
  • Give you recommendations on quality lodging, attractions, dining and activities near golf destinations.
  • Give you practical and useful travel tips.
  • Regular golf travel reports, just for our readers (free of course).
  • Only display sponsors with which we have first-hand experience, so that when you click ads, you’ll feel secure you aren’t being scammed.

For now, look around, look through the top-five posts, or look at random. You’ll find something you like. Sign up for the email list and get new travel info before it’s posted here.

Whether it's the best places to stay and play in Ulaaaanbaataaaaaar, or Utaaaaah, we want to play a part in you to having the best, at the best price, and the best experience.

Thanks for coming.

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