Saturday, February 21, 2009

Golf Vacation Apparel: Look Stunning with Dunning

For you guys that read this, I know, most you don't want to look "stunning", but it rhymed with Dunning. How about "Look Cool on a Golf Vacation with Dunning," or "Look like a Player with Dunning."

However you cut it, you want to look good on the golf course when you're on vacation. You can't do any better in golf vacation apparel than Dunning Golf. Ask Zach Johnson. But, more important than looking good, is how you'll feel in a Dunning Golf shirt.

Dunning's new Interface Stretch polo is extremely lightweight, breathable and fantastic. It is technical golf apparel at its best.

The catchphrase in golf apparel these days is performance. Although style, fashion, comfort are also the key in any sport, performance finds an edge in golf apparel. Ralph Dunning, famous Canadian based designer and owner of state-of-the-art golf apparel firm Dunning Golf, says, “Looks are very, very important, but performance is just as important a consideration now.”

Dunning golf apparel is the leader in providing the apparel that is both functional and trendy. Each piece of Dunning golf apparel has the signature stamp of class and performance.

A genuine golf brand known for its exclusive use of finest technical fabrics, Dunning Golf luxury performance apparel is certainly designed with the golfer in mind and is worn by an elite PGA Tour staff that includes Zach Johnson and John Senden. The clothing has a great blend of contemporary and conventional styles that satisfies the needs and taste of any golfer.

The fabric used in Interface Stretch polo, at first feel, seems a bit heavy because of the inner layer that’s specially designed to absorb the moisture from the skin. On a hot day, it might seem sucidal to wear this shirt due to its heavy fabric, but it is extremely comfortable. The interface stretch line polo will always keep you dry and cool.

The interface stretch includes UV protection and anti-microbial fabric that prevent odor absorption, which was a serious problem in the earlier days of performance fabrics. The wide sharp colars gives it a teriffic stylish look, while the fit is correct, precise and comfortable. By just wearing the polo you will feel like a golfer instantly.

The fabric used is wrinkle resistant, which gives the wash and wear benefit.

The detail aspects of interface stretch polo:

· Traditional knit texture and two-piece self collar

· Hyper-technical Coolmax Extreme performance

· Extremely breathable

· Helps control body temperature and maintain hydration

· Permanent moisture management

· Wrinkle resistant

· Anti microbial for excellent odor control

· Four way Stretch

Interface Stretch polo line is available in a wide array of solid, stripe, and textured, line, prep, multi-line, classic and windowpane patterns and colors. The interface polo shirts are priced ranging from $79 to $109.

As for the durability of the product, Dunning apparels use high quality fibers, which last long. The fiber used is low maintenance fiber. The polo shirts look brand new after every wash.

A golf polo shirt possessing all these qualities, while allowing for the most comfortable wear possible on course, is hard to find. But, look no further than Dunning.

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