Thursday, February 19, 2009

Now’s The Time for Great Golf Deals

You don’t need to look very far or very hard, golf deals are everywhere, advertised and unadvertised.

Due to a confluence of factors like a sour economy, fewer travelers, maybe even Tiger Wood’s absence from the Tour (Who knows? It could be a reason), there are fewer golfers on the tee everywhere.

Fewer golfers teeing-off mean less money in the bank for golf courses. Many courses and golf resorts are, or may be soon, beginning to feel the lack-of-revenue pinch. That means everything from greens fees, to hotel stays, to airfare will be discounted.

If you have a golf destination in mind, chances are you can find advertised deals and golf packages for previously unheard of low rates. If there are no advertised deals at the places you want to play don’t worry, you can get a better deal if you aren’t locked-in to a particular golf course/golf resort/hotel/etc., and you don’t mind a little haggling.

For instance, a simple call may be just the ticket. You may call (and this is purely hypothetical) one of Myrtle Beach’s popular resort courses, stating that you are considering their resort and their competitor for an upcoming stay. You might then say that, since both are fantastic, your decision is simply coming down to the issue of price and what is included in the package. You could then ask them for the lowest nightly rate for the number of days/nights and rounds of golf you’d like to play.

Pay attention to what is included in your package. It may be that you can negotiate a lower rate, meals, rounds of golf, or some combination of those and other amenities.

Now is the time to strike a great golf deal. You’ll play so much better knowing you’re golfing on your own terms!

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