Friday, February 20, 2009

Hassle-Free Caribbean Golf in Puerto Rico

Caribbean travel can often be somewhat "trying," golf in the Caribbean even more so. During peak times of the year, resorts and golf courses are packed, prices at a premium, roads and transportation harrowing, and the simple act of getting there and back can include several hoops through which you'll jump (customs, passports, etc.).

David Baum and Craig Better of Golf Vacation Insider recently revisited a somewhat forgotten Caribbean golf destination, Puerto Rico. We should all be glad they've jogged our memory.

As they describe in a recent article, after several years of golf course and resort developers and investment focusing on Casa de Campo and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and a few other locations throughout the Caribbean, Puerto Rico sort of slid to the back of everyone's mind.

But, convenience won't be forgotten for long. The PGA Tour has found a new home for one of it's March stops, and investment has returned in the form of new and remodeled destinations. Combine such renewed intest with a short flight from Miami, good roads (if you've ever traveled the roads in some Caribbean locales, you'll understand the emphasis!), a common currency with the US, no customs requirements, and widely spoken English, you have what will once again be one of the top Caribbean golf destinations.

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